Tommy D. is going to break down this awesome game and give us his predictions and odds for today.

Bet The Edge Wild Card NFL Review

All right, welcome back, everyone, Tommy D, here it is Thursday, January 13 2022. And we are back with our basketball preview. Got a lot to talk about here. We’re going to be covering a couple of basketball games for Thursday one NBA game two college games. We’re going to have NFL this weekend. Let me get right to it here.

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So make sure you subscribe to this channel online sports bed. And of course, if you like what you see, we all put out a big effort here. Give us a little support and give us a big like, Alright, let me introduce my two hosts here. You’ve seen these guys before they’re gonna be around for a long time. They got some real good information. Got Mr. Scott Matthews from SM sports pics. You could catch him on Instagram at SM sports pics. And Dre Fernandez from online sports bet calm gentlemen, what’s happening.

Tommy, you know what’s happening? We’ve been winning for these people out there. You’ve been following up plays Dre and I nailed. I didn’t put it out on the show. But I crushed Georgia, just like he did. And we hit some big games on Sunday in the NFL. Last season. On Sunday, I put out some great winning so I’m pumped up I’m jacked up for some NBA action and college hoops. I’m ready to go I got some games that I feel real comfortable with. So Trey, what’s your thoughts?

I mean, Scott gonna say any better. We had a massive week last week I had the over in the Broncos over in the Rams game and then that Georgia gave me Scott we’re both on but yeah, I’m ready for some NBA action.

Well, you know from my experience, and this ain’t my first rodeo guys. There’s a lot of value in college hoops. I follow a lot of sharp guys that are out there and shops make a lot of money in college hoops. They make a lot of money in MBA. So this time of the year is a moneymaker. You know that we got a weekend of coming up in wildcard. You know the lines might be pretty tight. The oddsmakers have seen 18 weeks of these teams. I’m not saying there’s not value. But wait, there’s definitely value. This time in a year is in college hoops and an MBA way too many games up every day for the oddsmakers to follow. So we’re gonna try our best to put out some winners here.

If you’re new to the show, I just want to quickly go over the format. What we do here is we’re going to put out two picks. Alright, then we’re going to put out our best bet. And then we’re going to throw out an NBA parlay. So that’s what we’re going to do on this show. You’re going to get to college games, you’re going to get an NBA game. And, you know, like I said, if you stay consistent with these plays, you’re gonna you’re gonna see results now, couple of things before we get to that, you know, Black Monday hit this past week, and it was some surprises and some not so surprises. I mean, I’m not going to go through every team and every coach that got fired thing, Danny here in Miami, of course, Miami getting rid of Brian Flores. Was that a surprise? Scott, what do you think?

I think so. I mean, I don’t know, you know, behind the scenes, they knew it was coming or you know, the higher up people you know, we’re waiting to make that decision. But you know, the guy had to win two consecutive winning seasons back to back for them I mean, the dolphins have been having trouble enough getting winning seasons now you got a coach you bring in that came out of a great system gives them too many seasons.

I don’t know if it was that early start that they went one and seven, but then they redeemed themselves and they had a winning you know, winning season and coming off a huge win the last game there must be some turmoil. There was definitely something on the inside there that created that that’s a great opening job for somebody I’ll tell you what, the Miami Dolphins job because they do have some talent and some key players in a lot of skilled positions on that team.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with two if he’s staying or you know, another situation up in the year could be what a new head coach with two up so this is going to open up some possibly a lot of can’t, you know worms that can of worms here with the dolphin situation. But I would say that’s really the only surprise maybe the Minnesota coach job because you know the guy’s been around the league so long and he’s very well liked but I would say the dolphins you know firing their coach was absolutely something there was a little blindsided thought a lot of people know you follow the dolphins What What’s your thoughts on that you guys know a massive Dolphins fan that was kind of out of nowhere but Scott pointing out there must have been some turmoil apparently him and tour did not like each other and apparently Brian Flores was quote unquote sabotaging tool that he led the charge and PE D testing tool four times throughout the season he didn’t start to against the Ravens went to a set he was ready to go he started preset and then tool comes in and wins that game for them. So I mean, what it looked like to me was the organization chose tool over floors and now they’re gonna bring in an offensive minded guy like a Brian label like Eric the enemy to help to grow and there was word that he had friction with the owner Steven Ross. So I guess you may never know what really went down there but he’s out and the Dolphins are back to square one. So we’re gonna have to see what happens of course the Giants got rid of Joe judge they gave him two years then they got rid of their coach, not an easy job to be an NFL coach. So let let us know there has been this has been as a lot watching every move you make a lot of politics that these these guys are being as that run these teams egomaniacs they want they want results you got to manage 4050 Guys differently at the end of the day, I mean you’re spending all this money for your talent you want you want to get the best results possible give you what one what 100% i Let’s get to some NBA basketball as a game we’re looking at Thursday night now at this at the time of shooting this there was not a line. So keep in mind when we do quote a line here. lines may vary by game time, but we’re gonna try our best. Let’s start with Golden State Milwaukee. That’s going to be a big game tomorrow that was not aligned on this game. You know, there’s a lot of talk Golden State is the team this year to beat Tre. Let’s start with you. What do you what do you think on this game tomorrow?

Well, Atari I actually find the line courtesy of winning that. I saw it I see the bugs are minus four right now. All right, according to them, but um, the Bucs, I mean, the pucks are still a great team. You know, everyone’s kind of forgotten about them. They’re defending champs, they’ve kind of slid because they’ve dealt with a lot of injuries with their big three. But when their big three plate when Yanis drew holiday and Middleton all play, the Bucs are 16 and three, they’re still a great team. So I think people are gonna be on the Warriors here. You know, with clay back and everything with the Warriors on a bit of a slide.

That was three of their last four. They’re just not playing very well right now. There was some frustration showing last night when Steph took a crazy three that he asked me air mold and clay kind of got really really mad. And he was pumping his fist in the air. So maybe there’s some friction there between the two of them. And then already Yeah, mean already Exactly. Clay looks great though. Clinics, great playing but I think I think the Bucs are gonna be I think Yanis is playing really good right now. I’m actually one of my promises on Yanis. I’ll let you guys know later.

But I think the Bucs are going to be able to win that game easily.

Alright, you’re saying minus four bucks minus two points. God, what’s your take on this one? Golden State?

Well, I gotta be honest with you. I mean, Golden State played an incredible run right now this Memphis team is as hot as a pistol and I just love this team Memphis. They’ve been playing extremely well. So they did go into a hornet’s nest as I call it the other night and play Memphis. You know with this, John Moran, he is taking his game to a whole different level. If you notice how he makes the rest of those players gel just from what he’s doing. He’s taking it to another level and he’s bringing these players like right alongside him.

So that was a tough game for Golden State the plate. They’re still trying to fill each other out. You know, you got Klay Thompson back in the lineup. The splash brothers are back. But one of the key ingredients like Dre was saying this some injuries actually, for a lot. Both of these things but Draymond Green is like the facilitator for this team. Like with the passing of the ball, moving it around, doing things on the defense, getting the ball, the staff getting the ball, the clay, him being out of the lineup definitely affects them. I mean, yeah, they got some nice pieces there. Obviously we play back at Steph and Wiggins and you know, Peyton, the second Gary Payton the second so they have weapons, and but like Dre was saying earlier, Milwaukee’s had some key injuries.

Drew Holliday is a monster defensive player. He can screw up things for another team very easily. It’s very, very, very strong on the defensive side, him being on a late lineup, Grayson Allen being out of lineup, you know, makes things difficult for Milwaukee, but I gotta think right now, Milwaukee coming off those two losses in a row playing against Charlotte two games in a row back to back coming home having a little time off. Nolan Golden State’s a little vulnerable right now. As he’s one in three against the spread the last four road games five and five overall in the last 10 road games, which is a 500 ballclub against a tough Milwaukee team, who’s got some of the pieces back, they are missing some but I think Milwaukee in this game. Again, I don’t know this real number on the game.

I think it’s going to probably be about three. If I had a look at it. I know there’s you know, the early indications for but I think this number because Golden State always gets favoritism on point spreads because they don’t lose many games back to back and they got such a strong record at 30. And then I would take Milwaukee as a home favorite in this game. I’m not even moneyline this game, just to bring it down to a money in that you might have to lay a buck 50 But I think Milwaukee at home on the money line is the right way to go in this game based on the numbers I see based on the matchups based on the way these teams are playing right now. I’m on Milwaukee on the money line guys are no doubt it’s going to be a great game. Let’s move to college hopes and it’s going to be a lot of college basketball. Coming up. We’re going to be covering college hoops right through the tournament’s this one stands out. Ohio State Wisconsin, early number whiskey minus two and a half total 139 will go back to you, Scott, this a Big matchup what do you what do you see here?

You know, I took some notes on this game, I really was looking at this game because I really liked the big 10. It’s been actually one of my better betting conferences to be successful. And over the years. Now let’s look at this game. If you were looking at it from an you know, this type angle and the number, Wisconsin to me, and again, I’m a numbers guy there right now.

13 and two, they’re seven and one at home. Yes, granted for four against the spread that played Ohio State another ranked team. But Ohio State is two and two on the row one and three against spread. Why is this line two and a half only. I’m a game like this just home court advantage alone, when a matchup like this should generally be about four, four and a half. Now whether the line moves higher or lower from that point, that’s a different story. We’re talking an opening number and this is an early opening number. So I’m hoping we’re right when we say this numbers tonight, because all bets could be off if this game opens up five and a half with different based on this.

Here’s some interesting thing. Both these teams are averaging 67 points a game, both of them for the season, Ohio State so they average there averages around the same. Ohio State is more of a three three point shooting team. They’re averaging about nine again, versus Wisconsin averaging about six threes a game, but there’s some really good things in yet. Ohio State seems to move the ball around a lot better. With their assist and things like that passing the ball they find the more guys open. At this point time again, these are not head to head this is overall I just think Wisconsin and only being two and a half. I really liked the dog in this game. I just think based on numbers and how this game format against each other. I mean, yes, Wisconsin’s even won the last five games in a row, that five in a row, they won. And they’re only two and a half in a spot like this. So I think there’s a big edge here to the dog. I’d buy it up to three and a half. Well, better. Now I don’t know what this number is going to come out tomorrow. I might be kicking myself in the ass a little bit that I put it out this early. But at this point based on these numbers, I would take Ohio State plus three and a half points. Guys listen to me with the numbers because I’m pretty damn good with these numbers. I like Ohio State plus three and a half to get the job done against Wisconsin in a tough place to play. But I think Ohio State will stay with the hostile environment as they say very well. What’s your take on this one? Wisconsin two and a half over Ohio State?

Well Scott said all the stats I thought I was gonna go Wisconsin. Any goes the other way. I was kind of confused here. I think the reason I didn’t open bigger Scott is because Ohio State already played Wisconsin he killed 73 or 55 but I’m gonna go with a lot of statue said also Wisconsin seven and one at home. I’m the only game that they lost their star player Johnny Davis, who’s fifth in the NCAA in scoring. He’s averaging 22.3 points per game. He did not play that game. So I there’s a system right now that is hitting it about 60 2% When a top 25 team is involved in the game, bet the home team spread, it is hitting every time i It is ridiculous the way it’s hitting, I’m going to take Wisconsin here minus two and a half, I think people are going to be on Ohio State after seeing that Ohio State beat them and killed them, honestly 73 to 55. So I’m going to take Wisconsin, that’s another thing also revenge games in the big in these factory. That’s why I thought the line on this game is very soft, because like you said, they blew him out, they put a beating on them. Now they’re coming home, they both equal roughly how they you know, their records and so forth and so on. The home court advantage on a game like this normally is at least three and a half to four nap. The number being so weak on the game really turns me on to think that the dog is alive. Forget all the other stats and all the other things. I’m a numbers guy I look for the proof is in the pudding. Anyone could say whatever they want. But when you see a number that doesn’t jive, you got to try to feel why is that happening?

And I think they want you to take Wisconsin, they’re trapping you to take them by making that number low. And I think the dog is is live as can be. That’s my reasoning.

All right. You know, there’s a lot of games on the board tonight, we can’t get to a mall. So if you want all premium plays, just head over to online sports bet.com.

And we do have some premium plays up and Scott is releasing his premium plays on his Instagram at SM sports pics. So make sure you check out both sites.

All right, we got a second game here that we’re going to talk about this is a late game. Arizona big big number over Colorado early number is 14 and a half favorite Arizona a buck 50 Let’s throw this one to you, Dre. What’s your take on this one?

I’m gonna so so what do you think when you think of a PAC 12 late at night matchup, you think of the over ever I think the public is gonna be all over the over here, especially Arizona averaging 90 points a game on the year. But when you look closer, Arizona has been playing their opponents haven’t been that good when they put up that many points, when they’ve played the two top 25 teams they’ve played, they’ve only put up seven, they average 78 points in those two games. So I think that Arizona, I think that this is going to go under, um, in terms of pace, Colorado is 200 and 91st. And field goes attempted per game. And there are 330/3 and threes attempted per game. So I think everyone’s going to be taking the over here. And I’m going to take the under and I’d also lean with the Arizona spread because of that system. And because Colorado is for eight and one against the spread. But my main play is down there are those that those are good stats. You got that right. Scott, what do you like to spread the total Arizona big number 14 and a half at home over Colorado once you take cheese?

This is a big number. I mean, I to be honest with you, I don’t know if this number is really going to be 14 come game time. But you know, based on what we have in front of us to work with 14 is a lot of points. You got a terrible Colorado team on the road. I mean, let me just throw some you know, I’ve been doing my homework, as far as numbers go to put it all together for the way I do things to break these games down and look for that betting edge and find the right number. But here’s a team that’s 2151 and one and the last 73 road games.

That’s terrible. I mean, that’s Colorado to think about it. 2151 and one against the spread. I mean, that’s horrible. That’s that the 1738 and one on the road against winning teams. Well, obviously Arizona is a winning team. Colorado is playing well. Don’t get me wrong. There are 11 and three right now they’ve only played one road game. I believe they covered that one road game. And Arizona is always notorious for being a strong home team.

They’re a big time rebounding team Arizona, that’s a key in this game. They’re number one in the nation. I believe in rebounding. They’re averaging about 41 rebounds a game, which is huge. That means that big guys, they hit like boards, and then they’re getting those, you know, loose balls and that gives them the opportunity to make points. So in a game like this, again, if this number is 14, I think Arizona is going to crush the hell out of them. I just see them winning this game big. Just from the stats. I don’t know if Colorado could come in here and get the job done against a high flying dominating on the boards.

Fast paced team like Arizona, I think they could take advantage cause turnovers.

Make mistakes, obviously for Colorado. And if Arizona hits you know the obviously they’re at point average, which is a high average. I feel that I think they’re averaging like 74 points a game and the other teams out Like 67 points a game from what I was, you know, just looking at earlier, but I think that this game, I don’t know if it’s gonna be 14 Guys, I gotta be really honest with you. I know this could be an overnight like outlaw line. So this game could be more like an 11 or 11 and a half point spread. I don’t know about 14, but I still like Arizona in this game, I feel they’re going to win the game. And if they’re right, they’re gonna win it by about 17 to 22 points, and absolutely put a ass kicking on Colorado on this matchup.

That also could help Trey’s over if both teams do throw a lot of buckets up but there’s your home.

Yeah, I got on there. I got that gives me the under All right, well, then we got we got two different opinions here. That’s why this team in the favorite in this series has been strong. The home teams five on one, the last six. And same with the favorite. So this has been a home team sear.

Yeah, again, six games, not a big deal. But that’s a couple of years, the roughly about two years of play that the home team and you know, the favorite has covered. And I just think Arizona is so strong on the glass with the rebounding advantage of the top rebounding team, believe it or not in the whole country. So I think that’s gonna be a deciding factor to run that score up.

All right, let’s see what happens it is going to be a good one. At this time. What we normally do on this show is we put out our best bet now it doesn’t have to be a game that we spoke about. It could be any game tomorrow. We’re not going to talk about the football games till Friday and we will be back with another bet the edge show Friday night. NFL wildcard. We’re going to be covering the Saturday Sunday. And for the first time there is a Monday night wildcard NFL game, which is really interesting. So on Friday show we’re going to be talking about football. So let me start with you Dr. you how to do a best bet for tomorrow’s boy do the NBA or college. Which game is it? What team is

I mean, I’m going straight to the NBA. This is sticking out to me. I’m seeing that Memphis is only favored by four points against the Timberwolves. I mean, Memphis is 110 in a row guys. They’re the hottest team in basketball. And in those 10 They’ve covered nine of the last time, the only one they didn’t cover they missed by a singular point. So I’m gonna take Memphis here, Josh playing ridiculous. And it’s like they’re this 10 game winning streak has been against bad teams. They beat the Warriors, they beat the nets, they beat the suns and they’re winning these games by an average of over the over the winning streak. They’re winning these games by an average of 13.3 points a game, they ranked seventh in offensive efficiency and defensive efficiency. I think the wolves just aren’t good enough to keep up here. I think I mean, the wolves are just there. Five and five.

Last time, they’re just a middling team. So I’m gonna take Memphis minus two board here.

Alright, Scott, if you have to choose a best bet it could be any game tomorrow on the board. You could even throw a hockey game out. I know you. You specialize in hockey as well. What do you think?

Well, I’ll tell you what. Good points he just made with Memphis. They’re they’re clicking on all cylinders is another team that’s been like scoring like wildfire. I don’t know where it came from. This Minnesota team has been like crazy scoring. I mean, 140 130 128 I like the over in this game. I think that both these teams are going to play the run. I don’t think there’s any way you could slow them down. I don’t have an exact number. But it’s going to be up there. There’s no doubt about it. It’s going to be in the high 20s Maybe in the low to 30s but I think that both of these gotten the number it is 229.

Okay, so high to the up to I feel right up there right up there in the high 20s. Low 30s I think that this game will go over for the simple reason that these teams play a certain way. And it’s all about running gun. And if you watch how Memphis play Golden State running and gunning, and how how Memphis has been playing lately they’ve been putting up points but this Minnesota team man they find a waste of put up a ton of points when loser draw even last night they lost the game on a buzzer beater by Ingram. At the end Brandon Ingram for New Orleans 128 125 253 In that game, so I think this game is going over the number I would play that as my best bet on this Thursday night called over the 220. Again, early numbers guys, I know it could be a big difference. But if it goes way way up, then I would make you know just a regular type type of enjoyment like play, but if it stays in this neighborhood of in the high 20s or so. I like that play very much on the over on this game. How could you not? They’re both scoring like crazy.

It’s gonna be a big NBA board on Thursday. Now we’ve been getting a lot of requests and then this is becoming real popular especially with new sports bettors props and Dre kind of special Elisa’s on that NBA prompt right? You said you had one earlier when you came on board. What what do you like Thursday on an NBA prop?

I’m going to take Yanis is over in that Golden State game is over points. He’s averaging 33.3 points in in the new year since January 1. He’s playing out of his mind right now. And with Drew holiday out, I think they’re relying on him more. And he scored 41 Two games ago. So I’m going to take Jonas’s over and points. Is that lying out yet?

Not yet, but it should be around 3130 and a half, I feel and I think he’s gonna have like a 35 point game. I think the honest always, you know, he lives up to the expectations in the big moments. And this he knows is a massive game between those two teams.

We’re going to go back to you one more time, Scott, I know you’re not necessarily a prop guy. But if you want to add anything, you got the floor.

The only thing I want to add, if you guys haven’t been following me on my instagram, you’re making a big mistake 23 and 10. On my last 33 games, put off a free, repeat free. These are my Instagram games, if you go to my Instagram account at SM sports pics. I’m giving it away guys. A lot of guys say, you know, and the funny thing is guys say well, how do I know your real? How do I know your records of this? How do I know what you’re saying? adds up? You know what you don’t. But videos prove it all. It’s there. They’re time stamped, I’m putting them out. My numbers are my numbers. For two years, guys on my Instagram.

I’ve hit over 64% winners, two years, not two weeks, two years. It’s all up there.

Anyways, so take advantage of these opportunities. I do have free plays up there all the time. And if you’re a serious player, and you want to jump in on some really high end stuff that I personally do with directly with players, you could send me a DM right to my Instagram.

I’m an easy guy to talk to. And I always like working with people that are serious about making money and doing things the right way.

Because there’s too many guys out there that are absolute train wrecks. Don’t know what they’re doing don’t know the first thing about what’s going down. And they just keep on throwing money away foolishly. So if I can prevent you from being a train wreck or another casualty, then I have no problem doing it. But anyways, good luck, guys. What we do, we try to help you the best we can. We’re giving you the games we feel strongest about. We try to you know, this is what we do Dre and I we bust the hump here all the time. Everyday looking at things for every edge we can, and we hope we can help you make some money.

It’s all about catching tickets. So we’re going to be back Friday night and it’s going to be a big show. We got NFL wildcard, Saturday, Sunday Monday, we’re going to be broadcasting on Friday, and I’ve seen some shows that come out on Thursday. But you know, I want to see exactly what’s happening COVID situations possible weather so we’re gonna wait till Friday night to put out our selections for the weekend. So you definitely want to tune back you can catch it once again on this YouTube channel online sports bet or check us out on the website online sports bet calm. I’d like to thank my two co hosts Mr. Scott Matthews. Dre Fernandez, let’s make some money for everyone Thursday night and hoops and we will be back Friday night gentlemen, everyone have a great night. Adios

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