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Tommy D. is going to break down this awesome game and give us his predictions and odds for today.

AFC East prediction


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This Is The Tuesday, March 22nd NBA Report Where We Will Be Releasing Our AFC East picks

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Ok, let’s get to our AFC East prediction

Who will come out of the AFC East this year

The AFC East should be a division this year with a chance at two possible playoff teams. The Bills won the division last year with a record of 11-6 and then lost to the Chiefs in the playoffs. The Pats and the Dolphins came in second and third with records of 10-7 and 9-8, respectively. The Jets were a distant last place with a record of 4-13. 

The odds this year have the Bills favored again at -200, the Patriots at +350, the Dolphins at +625, and the Jets at +2000. 

Starting with the Jets I don’t think there is any value here as they are a couple of years away from competing for division titles. I actually think this will be a two-team race between the Dolphins and the Bills. For me, I just don’t believe in Mac Jones. I don’t think there is any way he leads the Patriots to a division win. 

This leaves us with the Phins and the Bills. The Bills would be my pick today as I think they should be closer to -350 to win this division with all of their returning players and with potential MVP frontrunner Josh Allen. The Dolphins offer you more of a payout. Their defense is superb and Tua Tagovailoa is now two years removed from his hip surgery. Usually, the third year is when players are fully 100% again. I think they can give the Bills a run for their money and possibly even win this division.
So for our AFC East prediction, I would take the Bills at -200 but sprinkle a bit on the Phins at +625.

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