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What’s up, guys? It is Steph back here with online sports It is NFL wildcard weekend so we are going to be breaking down to NFL games today. So I’m gonna be talking to my co host Scott Matthews from SM sports picks who has been on fire lately Scott the first game on our radar is the bills Patriots game Saturday night kick it off at 815. Eastern Standard Time. It’s going to be in the single digits in Buffalo current line is bills minus four with a total of 44. Scott, what do you like?

Let me tell you stuff. This is a crazy night for football when you go to a game and it’s zero degrees. You know, it’s gonna be definitely an impact on on that game. But you know what, you got to look at it. The way it needs to be looked at these teams know each other inside and out. They played each other twice in the last about within the last month, New England goes up there and surprises them on a Monday night game in a unbelievable 50 mile an hour degree freezing cold weather.

The winglet only throws the ball three times the whole game and they managed to get the win. What happens next time buffalo goes into New England a few weeks later, and they beat up on the Patriots in New England. You know this series is really interesting because you got to look at it. The underdog has been an incredible plate that five and five one and one in the last seven games. But New England over the years in Buffalo WoW has dominated the bills. Absolutely die notes. You know pre post Tom Brady. And now it’s Matt, Matt Jones. But Matt Jones is want to know, in Buffalo under terrible conditions, New England’s getting a couple of their running backs back into this game.

You know the key to this game. And Bill Belichick knows this better than anyone.

That’s why he’s a mastermind. And his staff just knows how to zone in is shutting down the key weapons. Well, you know, Josh Allen is going to be the key weapon.

Whether he’s running, whether he’s throwing you know, they’re gonna gear on him. Yeah, he’ll get his little things here and there. But at the end of the day, this game here, you got to throw records out the window bills coming in on a full game winning streak.

They’ve looked dynamite since that second half of the Tampa Bay game that they came storming back after being weighed down, they’ve won four straight games in a row. If you look on paper, no England’s one and three in their last four games to end the regular season got beat by the Miami Dolphins. But this is playoff time. And you got to match the mind coach and who you’re going to trust more Bill Belichick or the the other side when it comes to coaching and big games and his playoff record is phenomenal. The number on this game open to four and a half is the interesting things.

Because I’m a numbers guy been around this business long enough to know I know the public bets favorites, especially in the playoffs. Well what happened is the line opened four and a half. It’s now down to three and a half. That shot money people move in this game. This is not the public jumping on New England.

Believe me they know the public jumps on favorites. The shot money’s on this game. I’m a shot money guy. I like the dog in this game. I would buy it up I know they got a rookie quarterback. I know Matt Jones has never played in weather conditions like this, playing zero degrees. But none of these guys are used to this type of weather. It’s going to be decided we both know stuff on turnovers mistakes. Something’s going to make this game turn around in the favor and I think the Winland is going to get a big break in this game. I love him as a dog. I buy the line to four and a half. I think this game is going to be a very close game either way, but I think the Patriots have a shot of going into Buffalo and doing exactly what they did on that Monday night game about three four weeks ago. So take the points with New England get it to four and a half guys. I’m a numbers guy get four and a half with New England.

Absolutely no doubt it’s gonna be a great game. You heard it here first. Scott is taking the Patriots guys. Alright, let’s move on to the second game. My job? Yeah, definitely. Uh, we got Dallas in 40. Niners. The boys are three 3.5 home favorite with a total at 51. Alright Scott, where are you putting your money?

Well, this cowboy team is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from one week to the next. You know, they come out one week you think they’re going to the Super Bowl.

You hear everyone talk about Super Bowl Dallas. Then a week later they come out they lose to Arizona then you know they just an up and down yeah, they won their last game against Philadelphia. But Philly didn’t even start anybody and San Francisco played out of their minds in that last game of the season against the Rams being down 70 enough and they could have just packed it in and went golfing and not even in the playoffs.

But they swung back to actually tie that game. Take it and go force it into overtime and want it and garofolo. You know, here’s the question, Who are you going to trust more Kyle Shanahan and his staff? Well, you’re going to trust Mike McCarthy. Mike McCarthy’s made some mistakes this year, uncertain place that you scratch your head, try to figure out what’s going on. I just think the physicality of this 49 is offense and defense with the weapons they have can absolutely match up and they get back Trent Williams, that opens up that running attack.

He’s one of the best, you know, offensive lineman, and he’s going to give them a big spark claim he didn’t play last week, and they still won.

He’s back in the lineup this week. And they’re going to have their hands full. The Cowboys and the cow. Here’s a great a great number. San Francisco was seven and o against the spread in their last seven games in the month of January. Wow.

That’s strong. Yeah. The Cowboys we all know, they’re up and down. They’re not really going much far in the playoffs over the years. Will this be the deciding? I’m going to bet against the Cowboys in this game? I’m going to take San Francisco is another live dog.

I think the dogs are barking in these two matchups. I take San Francisco I’d get that number to plus four. I’m showing a current line at around three, I go to plus four. I would take San Francisco in this game. I think they have a great shot because they got a good manage quarterback that’s experienced. I think they could cause turnovers they could cause fits for Dallas. And I think the physicality of San Francisco is going to cause fits for Dallas in this game. And don’t be surprised if Dallas gets knocked out and round one of the playoffs.

Absolutely. I’m right there with you. I’m taking 40 Niners as well. Thank you, Scott. Also, if you want all of our VIP players guys, all you got to do is head on over to online sports Or go check out Scott’s Instagram page at SM sports pics. And we’ll see you guys all back here and let the viewers know that if they come to my Instagram, and as my Instagram which I’ve been on fire I’m 24 and 11 in my last 35 games, which is huge numbers List of 70% Winners over the last 35 videos. They can get bonus play. All they got to do is come to SM sports picks. I’m going to have an additional bonus play that I’m giving away absolutely free on Saturday. So guys, come to my Instagram. Go to SM sports pics, click the link below me or my bio on there and you receive a bonus play from yours truly absolutely free.

That’s awesome, Scott. We love that we love bonus plays guys. SM sports pics. All right. All right. We will see you back here on Monday. Let’s cash baby yo I think we’re done.

Are you happier with that one?

Yeah, that’s fine. So good. I don’t know if he took off or what but yeah, that was good. I appreciate it. Okay, so we’ll, we’ll run the video, I guess. Whatever the next time we’re going to do a breakdown maybe Monday. Okay. All right, Mitch, we’ll get in touch with you. Have a great weekend. Guys. Try this gal. Just go Yeah.

Okay, stop it. Can you stop it?

I think I can leave the studio but I don’t know if he needs to like stop and have a chance to Yeah, I’m gonna leave it also. Alright, have a great day.


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