Tommy D. is going to break down this awesome game and give us his predictions and odds for today.

NBA/College Hoop Review for today

All right, Tommy Deepak here. It’s Wednesday, January 19. This is all podcast that the edge. And we got a lot of things we’re going to be talking about today. But we are going to be focusing on three basketball games for Wednesday night. We got an NBA game, we got two big college games. So there’s a lot going on right now.

We got the playoffs heating up again over the weekend. Let me get right to it. I’m going to introduce my esteemed co host here. We got Scott Matthews from SM sports picks. And we got Dre Fernandez that writes for online sports Guys, what’s happening? So fellas,

how’s everything? Everyone feeling good today. Everyone’s got a big weekend.

Yeah, big big coming off a big weekend, we’ll talk a little about that. If you just chime in into this show, we’re getting a pretty big following right now. You could follow this channel online sports bet on YouTube. That’s gonna do a couple of things. It’s gonna let you know when we come up with another podcast, which we will be on board on Friday, Friday night, we’re going to cover the entire weekend of NFL playoffs. You’ll also catch daily videos that we do. So hit the subscribe button. Online sports bet, show us a little love. Give us a big like, a lot of love. Take as much love as possible at this point.

And we’ll take it from anyone actually, the show is brought to you by online sports, you definitely want to check out our site, we got a lot of useful information. Dre writes articles. So check that out as well. I, we’re going to be coming. Like I said with an NBA game, we’re going to be coming with the two college games. But you know, there’s a lot of stuff going on right now in this business. And I don’t we’re not we don’t give out stock tips here. This is not a financial program.

But I think you got to look at what’s happening with this company draft kids, they come out they came out last year looking to take over the world of sports betting.

And I tend to fall stocks. I know Scott does as well, stock shot up to over $75 They get there we’re going to take over the world and the stock hit a 52 week low today basically at 2218.

I so you know, what would cause is that it’s it’s the money this spending to be out there. And the cost of bringing in players is starting to really add up on them. And they’re realizing they’re in the negative than I’m making any money. Obviously, that’s a business that should make money but the cost of spending to compete with what’s out there.

With all these other big time books out there spending money, you got bet MGM coming into the picture, you got win bet you got FanDuel points bet, you know, a lot of the William Hill, everyone’s battling for the for the, for the, you know, the fish in the fish in the ocean. So unfortunately for them, they were like, you know, the Kings, you know, no pun intended, but they were like the Kings on top of the hill for a while.

And now obviously, from their spending habits, it’s really affecting them and the price of their stock is just continuing to go lower and lower and lower. I was joking around with a good friend of mine, that’s actually a financial advisor. And we were talking about backing up the truck and buying this stock if it went down to $8. And that was like two or three months ago. We might be right, it might get there because what’s happening is that burning cash. First of all, now they have a lot of cash, they got a couple of billion dollars behind them. But that burden cash, they haven’t showed a profit, their model just might not work in the end. Because let me tell you something, and this is something I know a little about being very difficult to compete with the offshore box, the offshore box have a model that works. Alright, they have a very loyal player base, and they’re not spending $2,000 to acquire a player. If you looked at the numbers, I know a little about the marketing. I don’t know how you ever gonna make money spending $2,000 to acquire a player that’s putting $20 in an account.

Well, though, that’s the thing. They don’t even know what they’re getting. At the end of the day for the money they’re putting out. Guys opening up for small time dollars that you know, they lose 100 bucks and they’ve gone and it’s costing them let’s say three $400 to get the guy in $500 Whatever the case may be More no more than a couple hundreds of several $100. And it’s a it’s a losing proposition.

Yeah, you know, most books don’t realize the game plan, these people are going to stay there pretty loyal if you give good customer service. You know, the key is customer service, doing the right thing, rewards, things like that people are going to stay with you. It’s just a question, is it worth what they’re spending to get them before they see any profit margin? Now, five years down the road? This conversation could be totally different. They could be all making a fortune of money. But you know, or the opposite. Like you said, Tom, they could be busted out. Well, let’s let that close really let me tell you what’s happening. It happened early in the days of the offshore books, there’s bonus horrors part of my my language here that go with one book, then they go to ceases, then they go to bed MGM, they’ve given him $1,000. So there’s no loyalty in the business.

Why wouldn’t why wouldn’t your money grab it?

They’re putting out shitty odds compared to the offshores. I mean, these are facts. I’m not saying I’m pro offshore and against the regulated books, but as far as numbers and shop guys, we could talk about this for hours. Shop guys aren’t playing with DraftKings. They won’t even let them play. So that’s a whole nother subject that we can have. Way above all of us. Well, dry. You want to kick in your two cents here. I mean, you you I believe have you some of these apps actually.

I mean, to me, it seems like FanDuel is doing much better than DraftKings to this.

I think FanDuel you know, they made news recently, picking up Pat McAfee and picking up his show. So I think DraftKings is gonna have to, you know, get more into the media side of it. And pick up more of these, you know, podcasts with people like that to push their their agenda.

In the end, there’s going to be a few major players, I think there’s going to be a big washout. And let’s see what happens. It’s yet to be determined if this business model even works. So who knows? Who knows? So that’s going to be interesting. I we’re going to get to these games in a second. Just one other thing.

You know, that was pretty crazy. Last week wildcard. There was some blowouts there. And there’s six teams that got to make some decisions in the offseason as far as coaching quarterbacks. I mean, we’re not gonna spend a lot of time on this, but like, the Raiders, do you think they keep that they’re in term coach? Or do they do a search for a new guy? What do you think?

That’s the you know, that was tough because he was he was a pretty good rally cry with them, you know, in the players did play for him. I mean, they ran up against a tough team. Listen, this Bengals team. It, you know, it’s no slouch. I mean, they’ve proven Joe burrow is taken his game up, you know, multiple steps.

This year, multiple. I mean, the guy got hurt last year. So he missed most of the season, but guy had a phenomenal year ran into, you know, a hornet’s nest basically going in.

But the coach did a good job. I mean, that. No reason why, you know, to let a coach like this, he seems like he got he got his players playing. They definitely played for him all the way to the other end to the last drive of the game, the last play of the game, actually. So they definitely played for him. I think they keep them. I don’t know. But you know, listen, there’s so many crazy things going on with coaching and sports right now that it’s hard for me to even tell you it just because they did a good job. They may let him go.

I think that they should keep him. I think he’s a great coach. I mean, with all that happened through with that team. I think Derek Carr and him deserve a lot of credit. Wait for what happened to ROG happened to Gruden. But, um, what I do think is that I mean, that played that game could have could have easily gone the other way with with the officials in that call they made with a whistle that they didn’t blow and then they said that they didn’t blow it and that patient or never happened up that game easily could have gotten the Raiders way. But I do think changes need to be made in Dallas.

I think Mike McCarthy needs to be fired. Um, I don’t care that he made the playoffs or anyone that division that that was horrible. Um, he’s not a good coach.

I think most other coaches would have won multiple rings with Aaron Rodgers.

And Mike McCarthy GOT ONE with Him. So I think that McCarthy needs to go. He was not prepared for that game. I think they had 14 penalties. It was like a team record. It was ridiculous. They were not prepared. And he had a case like that though. Can you blame the coach though, for the penalties that the players are making some of those play? Some of those penalties were ridiculous.

Teams on discipline, discipline. Plus, they the way they came out, they came out so flat they came on so unprepared. And then at the end they just tried to but they were out coach, I mean, the better coach when,

you know, when you’re playing a physical team, which I talked about on the show in San Francisco, they were they’re very, you know, very physical and offensive defense type of team. It does cause mistakes for other teams. And that and that was part of that, you know, my, my thinking too, that there would be mistakes in the game that would favor the 40 Niners In that particular matchup. But one thing about Jerry Jones, he likes coaches a little soft, that kind of, you know, Jaeger a little bit, he doesn’t want these tough, tough, tough coaches that are going to shut him down and tell him where to go kinda. And McCarthy is probably the type that’s gonna kind of follow along,

please come out and said his job is safe. Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks. But I don’t want to spend a lot on this. New England was humiliated. You know, Bella check can’t be a happy camper. I don’t know what to do with that. I mean, I personally believe he’s not going anywhere. So you know, if the last 100 to nothing, and yet they’re gonna have to make some changes. I mean, I don’t know Mack Jones. I mean, he has potential I guess down the road, but he did. He didn’t show that he was an NFL.

No. It looked like he looked like a total rookie. Deer deer in the headlights.

Exactly. He was just from the get go. I mean, Arizona, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, then I get rid of Tomlin of course, but no reason to tell you very maybe I’m naughty. Who is actually the Cardinals coach, Arizona.

Interesting to see but then they’ll move fast. And I felt NFL wants to have that table set in the next couple of weeks. They they don’t waste time. So you’ll will know this in the in the coming weeks. I’m pretty confident that. All right. Let’s get down to some basketball here. I mean, during the week, this is where you’re going to be making money. And if you if you tune it in for the first time, the way we work here is we’re going to give a best bet out after that we put our predictions out the best bet can be another game that’s played tomorrow it could be college, it could be pro could be a hockey game, I but we are going to give out our sides on these three games that we’re going to go and look at maybe an MBA prop here.

But let’s start with this MBA game. This is really a big matchup here. bucks at home line just came out minus five against Grizzlies. I mean Grizzlies What can you say? Great record 3115 ATS 30 and 16 against the record this year? I mean, bucks at 27 and 19. Scott start off where do you where do you see bucks minus the points at all.

I’ve loved this Memphis team all year Tom. I mean, they just played they’ve been playing extremely well. They play well on the road. Very good cover team 14 and six overall record on the road 15 And five against the spread pretty damn huge.

So when 75% of that covers on the road in the NBA bucks you know, bucks are a winning team. Let’s face it defending champs still got to be still the Champs until they’re knocked off. But let me tell you something, this jhamora Real Deal. The real deal, man, this guy is the real deal. He may be in the dark. This guy is just taking it to a whole different level. And when he takes it to a whole different level, you notice the other players on the team. They kind of follow suit with this guy.

They start doing acrobatic stuff, these lobs these fast break. He controls that game, you know, Yanis is the honest for the bucks. Chris Middleton’s gonna have his points, so forth and so on. They still got a couple of guys out of the lineup Milwaukee.

I like I like the dog, man, the dog to me is barking in this game, because you got to understand this team is playing well right now they’re in a zone. And you know not not to take anything away from Milwaukee, obviously in the game being a home game. But if I could grab five and a half to six points with a team like this that’s covering 75% of the games, and is matching up extremely well against some of the powerhouses in the NBA.

I’ll do it all day long. I think that if you can get this number to plus six tomorrow, which you probably will because it’s probably going to be five or five and a half or even four, I would get this number up to plus six. I take the dog in this game and get the money all right, right. What’s your take on this one?

I’m I have to disagree with you there Scott. I think what? Oh, yeah, I have I have to because I think the public is gonna see this line and hammer the Grizzlies.

Especially with with how the greens are playing and how the Bucs are playing right now they’ve lost two in a row. But to me this Bucs team they always get up for big games. It’s I’ve never seen anything like it. They destroyed the Warriors on national television. They beat the next both times they played this year. It just seems a yawn When in a big game they get up for it. So I ask you this though are they gonna get up for listen? We know the nets everyone’s talking about we know Golden State everyone’s talking about are they gonna get up is from Memphis but they but they know this is a big game right Memphis has what 1/5 14 out of 16 or something crazy like that they notice is a massive game um I don’t think drew holidays in a play but they’ve got a lot of defenders that can really limit John Moran John. And I Jonas’s one or two I think on on MVP voting right now in my opinion, so I’m gonna take the bucks here All right, well, we got was split right down the middle.

Let’s watch Tommy that’s why Baskin Robbins makes 33 flavors of ice cream because not everyone just wants a vanilla. Perfect example.

Yeah, I think I’m old enough when I remember when they just had three flavors.

But we’re not gonna we’re not gonna go there. All right, let’s get into college hoops, man, because this is really what’s going to propel us right through the month of March. I mean, unfortunately, we got like three weeks left NFL, we’re going to do well with that. But college basketball once it gets rolling. I mean it this is a money making sport here. We got Alabama playing LSU Bam is two and a half points. 146. Now there’s lions can move. These are early numbers. But let’s assume it stays two and a half, three, let’s go to you, Trey. You go with the tide or the Tigers.

I’m gonna keep going. Just keep going with the system that’s working. I mean, top 25 team playing on the road or playing at home any game of the top 25 team, take the home team spread. I mean, Alabama, I know they’ve lost three in a row. I believe that and they’ve dropped out of the last the top 25. But I mean, two and a half year for a team that was really regarded as a top 10 team just a week ago, two weeks ago. So I think Alabama’s gonna win this game is two and a half I gave you Wisconsin last week.

This is reminding me of that Wisconsin game against Ohio State, Wisconsin was two and a half, they ended up winning by 10 I believe. But LSU has lost or or lost their last game against Missouri leave, or Oregon’s Arkansas on my bed. And they scored two points in the final nine minutes. I mean, that’s just horrible. Um, the main thing for me is that Nate Oates, the Alabama coach is four and one against LSU. And he’s and he was three and on last season. So I think that Alabama is gonna win this, they’re gonna get up to this game, they’re gonna have the home, home, home cook, and everyone’s gonna be rocking. And everyone’s back from winter break now. So I think Alabama is gonna win this game, and by more than three points.

All right, Scott, do you agree? Or are you looking at something else?

I am absolutely disagreeing. The reason why I’m disagreeing is because right now I see a little downslide with Bama. They’ve lost three straight games in a row. They’re coming up against a very physical team in the Southeastern Conference in this LSU program, who comes to battle each and every time. The number on this game. Remember one thing I always say I’m a numbers guy. I think of Alabama was right.

This game would open up at least three and a half. And if it could went up or down at that point, that’s another story. But that difference, and everyone says well, what’s the difference? If it’s the one Alpha three, it’s a big difference when it comes to setting a number on a game is Power Rankings is certain ways of looking at matchups, Alabama’s 701 At home, terrible against the spread, not a good home, you know home team against the number, the two seven and one against the spread the last 10 games.

So they’re going to get to 15 and two that I think is stronger than them. Yeah, it’s a tough place to play. Don’t get me wrong. And of course they want to break out of the Schneider lose in three straight games Alabama in a row. But I think it’s gonna be tough to break out a losing streak when you’re playing against another power opponent in your conference. So I’m going to be loving this one. I’m hoping the line even goes higher. I’m hoping that I can get this number up to plus for four and a half by gametime tomorrow because it opens up even stronger. I think LSU is alive dog. I think they’re going to get the job done. I wouldn’t be surprised if they won the game outright that I just think that they’re more talented team on both sides of the ball. And I think they’re gonna just out strength, Alabama when it comes down to it. So take that. I mean, let me ask you this, you don’t think is a bit of a trap line here. I mean, it probably is gonna be seen through a team that’s lost three straight, they’re not ranked. And LSU is coming in here and they’re not favored.

No, I think the line is I think Alabama always gets a you know, strong home bias as far as the number two and a half is not a big bias. like this, if you think about it, because Alabama was ranked until they lost the last couple of games. So forget Alabama was ranked as well. Yeah. I think they even ranked as high as LSU or even higher about a week ago. So there’s still going to take that into consideration that they are probably a top 20 or 25 team when they put out a number. But as I said, I think if Alabama was right, they, you know, they would come out about three and a half, three and a half points on this game.

Again, we’re going on an early indication, guys, so don’t forget, we’re assuming the numbers gonna know if this game comes out tomorrow and Alabama’s four and a half, all bets are off the table, you know, for me, because now I’m thinking, you know, maybe I’m on the wrong side of this game. So if the number the real number comes out in this game is like, you know, two and a half to three and a half, I’d be jumped getting that line up to four, four and a half and jumping on the dog in this game because I think LSU has enough talent to go into a hostile environment like this, because they used to playing in hostile environments.

And and they are good on the road. They you know, they’re two one only but the two one against the spread and is seven and three against the spread in the last 10 games. So that’s my that’s where I’m at. I’m on the dog plus the points I’m hoping it goes higher. So you know, the game opens up about two and a half to three and a half. I’d get that line up to three and a half to four and a half by one point up guys and whatever that number is on that game.

All right, well, we got some different opinions and that’s why that’s why we put this show out. I second game. Kentucky Wildcats seven all the a&m Texas a&m Total 146 It’s a marquee matchup. Trey What what are you looking at on this one? Yeah, I really like this game. I see. I’m already seeing some reverse line movement. I think it opened at seven and a half or eight and it already went down even though people are reading Kentucky here. I know Kentucky is coming off a ridiculous game. I think they shot 70% from the field. ban them as high as one eight in a row. So long since 2016. This is for me this is just the perfect letdown game for Kentucky and the next two are in the next week they play number two aren’t number seven, Kansas.

I just think I think this is a smash spot for the Aggies plus seven out even sprinkle that money line on that last game now you’re down seven and one on an 18 Eight run to keep the win streak alive. I just think if Kentucky comes kind of you know slow out the gate or read arena is going to get rocking and I don’t think Texas a&m Will will blow that lead. So I think I’m going to take Texas a&m plus then I’m going to sprinkle the money line.

All right, Scott, you agree with them? Or are you looking look at something else? Yeah.

Hello, Perry gets his team playing like they played that last game. Yeah, that was crazy. I mean, they were unconscious from the three if they shoot like that against Texas a&m, who tend to know at home. Okay, what’s an anomaly those guys like 70% from the field, I understand. They will make it look too easy and blue out that their last opponent wasn’t even close. It was a destruction from start to finish. I like the way Kentucky is playing right now. That’s the only reason the difference in this game. I like the way they play. And I like the way that Yellin And I see them getting stronger. This could be a little stretch here where the next five, six games, they could really start proving their case to get up in the top ONDULINE. So the college basketball top five top six top seven teams in the nation.

The line on this game baffles me though. I mean, look at this game, the both the 14 and three against 15 and two, and the home team is getting seven points. I mean, a whole team’s undefeated at all that listen this this is what drives me a little wacky. This is the type of game you know the number doesn’t make any sense at all to me not at all.

But based on what I’ve looked at following these two teams based on what I see based on how Kentucky is playing right now and how the key players are shooting much better than they were earlier in the year and then making them seven on the road at this point in time. I’m jumping on this game I’m taking Kentucky I say they win this game by 11 to 15 points.

I think they’re going to blow them out I think Texas a&m is going to have their first loss at home and who better to lose to than a powerhouse like Kentucky coming in ranked 12th in the country they want to stay on that top tier and I think this is a signature game for Kentucky to get a little more spark move you know moving their engines to go further and further up the up the polls so I like Kentucky in this game. I’m not a big, you know, favorite fan on certain teams on the road in tough environments but I just thinks and talk. He’s too strong right now. I see them winning the game by double digits.

Scott, you say you’d like to know, what do you think the number should have been?

Well, it’s not even a question where I think it should be at I mean, Kentucky probably should definitely be the favorite. Big, just, you know, over the years, you know, obviously, because Kentucky is Kentucky, they always get a bias to the line, I thought this game might have should have been maybe a four, four and a half point line. But taking into consideration again, 10 No at home, playing against Kentucky who’s starting to heat up and the key players are making big time shots.

I think it’s gonna be real tough out for Texas a&m, excuse me, Texas a&m to stay in this game, and really handle the firepower.

If Kentucky hits from the outside, it’s going to be real tough for Texas a&m to stay in this game. Again, if you’re making twos and your opponents hit threes at a high clip it that seven points can go away very quickly, and sports in basketball game. So I think Kentucky is going to win this game. I think they’re going to continue their winning ways. Keep creeping up the ladder to the top 10 going it above the top 10 And being one of the powerhouses in the country. So I wouldn’t doubt if they win this game very easily.

All right, well, it’s gonna be a great game to watch. No doubt. This is the time of the show where we put out a best bet. Now once again, it could be a game that we cover. It could be a game on any any game on the board. Tomorrow, we’re going to go back with with Dre, who’s your best bet for Wednesday.

And I’m going to stick stay in MBA here. I’m going to go the jazz minus 15 minus 15 against the rocket. I just think this is a classic get right spot. And everyone you know, everyone’s seen this game saying How’s it 15 I mean, the jobs are playing not long, just as of late, they just blew him a lead to 10 point lead to the Lakers last night, I believe, where the Lakers went on like a 29 to 17 Run to close the game. So everyone’s gonna be looking at this line kind of. It’s kind of weird how the jazz are favored by so much. But I do think that this jazz team is one of the best team in NBA best teams in the NBA.

Even though even though they’ve had you know, they’re slumping right now.

Donovan Mitchell is still one of the league’s best players on this guy’s team. I think this is just a classic get right spot for them. I think they win by at least 20.

And this rocket team is not good. I mean, there’s not a good team that probably wouldn’t work. Top three worst teams in the NBA right now. So I think the jazz win this game when they win by at least 20. Just by a blowout, Scott, how to put out a best back well, you’re gonna put one out here like, I’m gonna stick with what I thought in the Southeastern Conference matchup, I’m going to like LSU to go in there and get the job done and take advantage of a down team right now. I think it’s gonna be tough for Alabama to match up against a team like LSU that can play extremely well on the road. Very well coached team has very good personnel.

Again, I think the number on this game is given, you know, give me a little excited that can get a team like LSU getting some points. If that’s the way this number comes out. I’m banking, that’s the way it’s gonna come out. Right now that’s an early indication. Tomorrow could open up a different way. But if I can get LSU and I can get I can get at least three and a half to four points or higher with a buy up of a point. I’m going to jump on the dog here. I’m going to make that my best bet on this show for today.

All right. We wish we can get to every game on the Boyd just cannot possibly so if you want our premium plays for Wednesday night, go to our site online sports bet calm and we have a bunch of plays that you can get you register these plays will be sent to you via email or tax. Absolutely free. So just go to the site online sports and register if you want Scott’s premium plays that he has been on a roll you want to definitely check out his Instagram page at SM sports pics. And he’s really been hot lately.

So don’t be shy. Go to his Instagram at SM sports pics. And he’ll he’ll be more than glad to set you up with that. i Let’s Trey, you always throw out a prop for us. Give us an NBA prop for for Wednesday night or two or whatever you whatever you like.

I want to go back to the wall here. I mean it worked last game. Me and Scott were talking earlier about how the Bucs seem to always get up for these games. And I think the main cog behind that is Yanis I’m going to take Yanis is over and points again. I mean he scored 30 against the Warriors and He played three quarters. I mean, that was a blowout. He scored, he scored 31 and 32 against and that’s in there two games this year. So I just think Yanis he lives for these games, he lives for these moments. So I think he is over is a pretty safe bet.

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