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NFL East Betting Preview

Sports Take: The Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the NFC East | The Baylor Lariat

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This Is The Wednesday, May 18th NFL Report Where We Will Be Releasing Our NFL East Betting Preview

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Can Dallas repeat?


It seems like the books are only giving two teams a shot to win this division. According to DraftKings the favorites are currently the Cowboys as they sit at +130 to win the division. The Eagles aren’t far behind them at +190. After that the Commanders sit at +450 and then the Giants sit all the way back at 900. 

Don’t even think about betting the Giants here, they are horrible. I don’t think the Commanders will be good enough to challenge here as I don’t really believe in Carson Wentz.

I actually like the Eagles here. The Cowboys will always be the Cowboys and choke. They did not get better during the offseason. They may have actually gotten worse as they lost Amari Cooper and Lael Collins.

The Eagles got better. They made a surprising and huge draft day trade to acquire A.J. Brown from the Titans. They have now surrounded QB Jalen Hurts with great talent in Dallas Goedert, Miles Sanders, Devonta Smith, and Brown. 

So for our NFL East Betting Preview take the Eagles at +190.

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