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Tommy D. is going to break down this awesome game and give us his predictions and odds for today.

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March Madness Game Preview | Picks and Predictions 


All right, Tommy Dee is back here it is Wednesday, March 16 2022. And unless you live in a cave, we got 24 hours to go to March Madness, the big dance. We’re going to be talking about a couple of games for Thursday, the first round. I have my two co-hosts. You’ve seen these guys before, and you’ll see him again. We got Scott Matthews in the house, from SM sports pets. And we got Dre Fernandez, here from online sports Gentlemen, what’s happening?


What’s happened. Everything’s happened in the next two and a half weeks. It’s all about happening. It’s madness. I’m jacked up man. pure madness, busiest time of the year, other than college bowl games. 

This is probably the most exciting time of the year in a two three week period for guys to have action galore. And hopefully smart enough to take that action and turn it into some profits. That’s what will come into play over the next two, two and a half weeks because we’re going to be putting shows out from what I was told almost every day. We’re going to make games are going on.


Wow, you brought up a good point, Scott. We’re going to be back tomorrow with a show for Friday. And we are going to keep the viewers updated. If you’re tuning in for the first time welcome aboard. What you definitely want to do is hit that subscribes button. This way you don’t miss anything. I mean, I’m going to be shooting about 12 videos after this show for games for Thursday and Friday, individual games that we’re going to be giving out. 

Dre wrote a lot of these scripts for me. So we’re going to be covering all these games. So you want to stay tuned to online sports And we can’t get to every game here. We wish we could. So if you want the other play our other premium plays, just go to the site online sports register, and you’ll get an email and text with a couple of premium plays and Scott will explain how you can get his plays and he’s been on fire. If you look at our last podcast, crushed it, he crushed it, he did crush it.

 So a lot of good stuff happening here. Let’s get into the first game here. I mean, we picked about four games that we think are gonna have a lot of interest, and in summer basically low-low lines here we’re not going to put out the 25 point spreads. We’re looking for pretty evenly matchups. The first one out of the box and dry could take over from here. Number 17 Arkansas going against Vermont.

 You know you don’t hear a lot about Vermont during the year but they had a fantastic season. And they’re in the tournaments. Raise it back. So five-point favorite total 139 Dry What’s your thinking on this one?


I mean, I see so many people going with their minds this one has like a little trendy upset pig but I like Arkansas here. I just think what the way Arkansas is playing. I think since January 12. There, they’re 15 and three and they’ve beat teams like Tennessee, Auburn, Kentucky LSU I know that she hasn’t been playing to the season but they be all those teams. They’re playing really well. And this kid JD note I think this is coming out party in this tournament. I think he’s gonna have a type of run like Carson Edwards did for two for Purdue excuse me a couple of years ago where he kind of went nuts he’s averaging 19 points a game. I think he’s gonna have a big tournament and I think Arkansas gets the win here minus five I like the minus five.


So you go with the team that’s been there before Razorbacks minus two five any thoughts on the total or you’re just looking at the point spread?


I mean, I would lean under but I like the point spread better.


So you like God console minus the five another one. This is a team that has been there before Murray State come in into the tournament’s ranked 20th against San Francisco dons. That’s it they have a great program in San Francisco I’ve been following this team for a number of yours. What what’s your take? What do you see here dry?


Well, Murray stay open actually as an underdog in this game. I think it was plus one and a half and now they’ve gotten to minus one. The books are seeming to think that Murray State’s gonna win this game and I’m gonna go with them here. They have that trio of guys who are averaging over 13 points a game, and they are I think they’re 32 on the season or something ridiculous like that. They’ve won like 21 straight games.

 I think they’re last Last was the Auburn. I just think with the way Murray stage plays. I know San Francisco. These are two mid-major teams San Francisco was fourth in their conference behind Gonzaga, Santa Clara. And I think St. Mary’s was the last team. But I think what the way Murray State is playing right now, I think Murray State can make a run. I think they can beat the two sheets I think it’s Kentucky in their region.


Alright, so both are favorites. Interesting. Both those games stop go on Thursday. Scott, let’s move over to you. I know you’ve been looking at two games, the Indiana St. Mary’s game. Let’s start with that one. And then we’re going to talk Creighton San Diego state


two, this is the matchup if you look at it, you know, the 10 teams against you know, a West Coast team and with St. Mary’s But St. Mary’s Place, obviously, they play Gonzaga, they got some other teams in that conference that you know, playing well. Obviously, well enough, that could probably be in this tournament, a couple of those teams. And I gotta be honest with you, I’m looking at the game, seeing the number right now between two and a half to three St. Mary’s. And I think it’s, I think it’s a little gift guys, I really think that St. Mary’s is going to turn this game on. 

And I think they’re going to shut down in the St. Mary’s has that smothering type of when they show up on defense, they make a really tough for other teams to do well, they cause a lot of turnovers. And St. Mary’s can school, there’s no doubt about that. Either. They I mean, they come to play. They’re very well-coached. 

They’ve always had a great program for a number of years right now. They were actually 16 and all at home. I know that has nothing to do with this because now they’re playing you know, neutral sights. But I just think right now that and Indiana had a fight their way into the tournament, they did win, you know, last night to get you to know, the sheet to play. But I think they’re coming into a tough matchup. And I think the numbers right on a game like this, I think that two and a half to three points spread is a solid number.

 I think St. Mary’s is absolutely the stronger of these two teams on both sides of the ball. So I’m going to lean on this game with St. Mary’s and I might even think that you know, I know guys don’t have a problem doing this, but it’d be a great money line play as well. You might have to lay you know, 161 65 which a lot of guys don’t like doing but I would bring this game I’d keep this game to round two or less. And I jump on St Mary’s in this game because I think in the end is gonna have a hard time in this matchup. 

And there are some really favorable numbers if you look at this game, from both sides of it, like I do inside and out. I’m not on the outside looking in, I’m on the inside looking out. That’s why guys trying to get you to know, trying to be like us, you know, it’s not easy being like us because I’ll tell you what, Tommy just mentioned something earlier, he’s gonna be doing 12 videos, we’re pouring a lot of time and effort into this. We are looking for every angle possible to have the edge and as good as we all are. And we’ve all been doing this a long time, especially Tommy and myself, probably between the two of us close to you know over almost 60 years in this industry when it comes to sports


betting let me get my wheelchair for a second and bring it over here next year we’ll get


the wheelchairs up but as I said, guys, you got to be patient is a lot of opportunities from the early morning to the late at night. And if you’ve got to just chase every game going God bless you I hope you got a lot of money behind you. But I’m looking for angles and I think this is a good angle at St. Mary’s in this matchup.


Well, you want to be selected like I said if you want to just be a crazy man and bet every game on the board tomorrow and Friday like you said good luck there. We want to draw we want to try to find our spots. The second game I know you’re looking at is this Creighton San Diego State game. 


What do you see on this one Scott will tell you this crane the team showed really strong resistance towards the end. I mean, obviously lost to a villain over in the championship game the other night, but before that, they beat some good teams to get there. But the San Diego State teams an interesting team.

 They can shut you down. They got that smothering type of defense they slow it down. Creighton as it can also do that but they’re probably more used to running more so than the San Diego you know, State team is I think that this type of game could be an upset. The reason I say that is because Creighton has the manpower, and I think they’re probably as strong a team maybe even a little stronger. They have proven to play extremely well. They had a 22 and 11 regular season. The seven and three in the last 10 games. They’re eight-two against the spread. They last but they played really strong opponents I’ll forget.

Now San Diego State obviously plays in a stronger conference I think is the Big East is to be honest because the Big East gets some really good teams in it. This particular year and a lot of them are in this tournament there are about three or four teams in the Big East that are in the March Madness tournament. So alive on the dog guys think about this game. It’s a two-point solid line. I think they got the wrong team favorite in this game.

 I think Creighton can come out, they can pull a nice upset here they can win this game convincingly. I think they have the talent to do it. San Diego State’s going to obviously try to smother them and shut them down. I don’t know if they’re going to be able to do that because Creighton’s got some really good shooters from the outside. 

And if they start opening up with the outside attack, it’s gonna open up the inside and that’s gonna make it tough on San Diego State and I don’t think San Diego State has the staying power with a team like Creighton if Creighton starts hitting the shots. So I’m basing it on numbers I’m looking at everything here in front of me and I feel the Creighton is an alive dog in this game I’d leave the line with exactly whatever the line is on this game. Because I think it’s a gift anyways, I would take Creighton plus the two that’s what I’m showing right now is was doing the show on all right,


interesting here. As I said earlier, we wish we could put out every game


we can, you’re gonna do that you’re gonna be doing videos all night every day


if you want our best of the best. And the one thing about OSB here is online sports but we don’t sell anything on the site. So if you want premium plays, actually at no charge, just go to the site online sports register and you’ll get plays, Scott, tell the viewers how they can get your best moves.


Guys, if you don’t know my site by now you must be somewhere on the woods and you don’t have any contact with civilization. Because Mike’s knees have been asked kicking, literally. I mean, come on. Now if you watch the last several shows I’ve done just here I’ve been giving you guys when is the last show we did. I gave you a six and a half-point. Underdog Minnesota told you they could beat Miami and they beat them. And then I told you Golden State I thought they’d be a four-point favorite. 

They weren’t actually a two-point dog to Milwaukee. I said Golden State was gonna win by double digits. And the line was six points difference and they still blew Milwaukee up. So and that was my best bet on the show. But anyway, to make a long story short, if you want to get my free place which you are more than entitled to receive from me go to my Instagram which is at SM sports pics P IC k s, I got play up right now I got a bonus play up you can receive two games has nothing to do with the games that we’re putting out there. 

We’re very relevant guys. We’re trying to show you some angles. Listen, we’re not always right whenever claiming to be always right. And no one will ever be always right. But at the end of the day, I’m playing off good, solid numbers. And you know what if I get beat, I get beat it is what it is. But at least I’m going into a game I feel with an edge. And if I have an edge, I’m going to win more times than I lose where you guys might be just chasing off emotions and doing things you shouldn’t be doing. I’m not doing that. I’m not going to jump from one game to the next and try to chase all day long. So again, check me out at s at SM sports picks free plays up, take advantage of them. Whatever I can do to help I’m here for you.


All right, well said Scott. This is the time of the show when we’re each going to put out a best bet for Thursday. And like I said, we’re going to be back tomorrow. All right for plays for Friday. So you want to subscribe to this channel online sports bet. And we will be coming back tomorrow for the second day of the first round on Friday’s games. We’ll have that up tomorrow, early evening. All right, let’s start with dry here. Give me the best bet for Thursday. Dry. It could be a game you mentioned it could be any other game in the tournament. It could be a total it could be halftime. What’s your best bet?


Well, I got two for you guys. I’ll be a quick one, but the first one is going to be I know a massive spread but it’s going to be Baylor minus 20 and a half over Norfolk State. I mean, if you remember Norfolk State, if you’ve been watching college basketball for a while, they


went pretty far a couple of years ago, is that correct?


They started in 2012. They started Missouri number two seeing they were 15 seed, but we’re gonna go against that, um, Baylor is guys, I looking at Baylor schedule. If you go to before their conference before the conference play started. They won games by an average of 27 points. They kill teams that are not in the same. You know, I mean, hash salon as them. I know they struggled a bit in conference play, but they’re still one seed. They kill teams that are not in their conference, I guess. But no, and that’s not what I mean.

 If they’re on their level, they destroy them. I think they win this game by 2530 points, or they’re looking to repeat this. This is a tune up game for them. They’re trying to become the first team Since 2007, to repeat US national champions, and then the second game right off for you guys, is everyone is on South the road, I keep reading South Dakota, South Dakota State is going to win against Providence, I like Providence here, minus two or I would take the money line.


 But South Dakota State, we know that there is shooting 45% from three and it’s like four points higher than anyone else in the nation. But I think Providence everyone’s kind of low on them after they got killed by crane. But other than that crate last day, they only have two losses since January 4. And those are both against Villanova. And they’re both by lesson 6.2. I think Providence is gonna win this game. There’s their four seat for a reason. So I would take their money like


I saw an earlier stat today saying the South Dakota state’s won like what 21 games in a row something like that. I mean, I’m just we’re going against it recruiting so they’re gonna you’re gonna look in the break there that their winning streak and what you’re gonna take


happen and so don’t forget now they’re every team going in is zero and zero right now. It’s, it’s a foot race to go to six and Oh, to become the national champion, like we talked about the other day. This is six games to become the champion. So use it every team playing right now, forget about where they were with what they did all year long. I mean, obviously their work is good to get to this point. But everyone is starting at zero and zero right now.


That’s well said before we get to your best bet Scott, let me throw this out to you because everyone every year is looking for that Cinderella team and I was looking at the odds today. You got some teams that are at 500 to one. I mean, who do you if you had to choose a team that’s a dark horse that you think could shocks up some could really be the Cinderella team. I must go back to you dry. What who comes to mind that you could boy, I don’t know where I’ve just stuns, stuns tomorrow first round. Or throw Friday. You


mean like a really low seed? Well, yeah,


I mean, I you know, I mean, does that. Or maybe you just don’t see anyone I mean, you will this you know who comes to mind that could really be a shocker.


Well, for me in terms of not being a top three seed, I like Arkansas. And I yeah, I mean, I just think Katie No tasing to have coming out here at party. I still think Gonzaga is a favorite and I think they’re gonna win the whole thing. I finally think I think they finally get over the hump this year. But I really like Arkansas. I really like all the four C’s this year, four seats couldn’t make a run. I Tennessee too. I think they should have been ranked higher. They may have some pretty good odds for you guys. But Arkansas here with JD notes I think can make a run.


Scott, you see anyone that could be a big surprise.


Big surprise. I am not feeling a big surprise. I mean, as far as winning the whole thing or just like in the first day or two there’s always an upset here and there obviously. But as far as like, as far as winning the whole thing I don’t think it’s going to get like a major major upset but remember what I was talking about with you the other day when we did our show last show I felt like it’s like a good 20 teams or more that have a chance actually to win this thing. 

I know a lot of people are the bank you know thinking Gonzaga and Arizona obviously that you hear that over and over. Maybe Kentucky you know teams like that Auburn, maybe a Texas Tech gets in there. You know this Villanova team has quietly really tremendously coached team JAY WRIGHT really prepares extremely well for these types of situations. So don’t underestimate the chances I know there are a number to see but don’t on that there’s a lot of biggies power. That’s why I really like going back to the best bed. I really liked this crate and game as the best bet to you know, only my pick. But the best bet for Thursday for me, is because there’s like five teams in the Big East that are in this tournament markets in this tournament. 

Connecticut’s in this tournament Villanova’s in this tournament, you know, obviously Creighton’s in this tournament, I believe one other one, Providence, Providence, right, it’s in the tournament so the Big East representing really strong you know, so they have an A and these teams all played each other pretty well throughout the year. But as far as a major upset I really haven’t looked at that because I’m not analyzing every single game like that, you know, on the board I’m just looking for the ones that I feel have the value so but as far as that I think it’s going to be whoever wins this it’s going to be in a like a top you know, one two or three-seat at the end. It’s going to be there to get the job done as far as winning the overall thing but


so you like Creighton as your best bet for Thursday. I just


like the Big East this year I’ve made the best a great conference to me financially. I’ve done extremely well my selections on it made some really good money on you know teams in that conference. And I just think crate right now is an up a Much better team all-around than a San Diego State, you know total energy schemes like 119 and a half 120. So they go with the same philosophy I mentioned to you about San Diego State could slow the game down and that’s how they’d like to play a tempo of slowing down. But Craig could fall into that same lake because they can do that type of play to, but I just think they have more strength all around and San Diego State does so they’re going to find a way to klar and scratch and get the job done. So that is my best bet. Yes. All right.


There’s like Tommy’s gonna come with one. You could get the full breakdown. This is on what this will this video will be up on this channel later this evening. Online sports bet that’s why you want to subscribe. But I’m looking at it’s a small underdog here. Colorado State rams getting points over Michigan, I think. 

Yeah, I think they wouldn’t a game outright. But if you want to watch the full analysis video, do so on this channel. We’ll be up in a couple of hours. This is going to be a great tournament. I mean it is every year, you know, you’re gonna see some surprises. But this is this is what it’s all about in the sports betting world we’re going to be as I said on our last show, we’ll be broadcasting live Final Four weekend, we are going to be in Vegas, Scott, myself, Dre. I’ll be doing it remotely.

 We’re going to be at the Circa Hotel and Casino sportsbook. So we’re going to be shooting live from the Circa Final Four weekend. And we’ll be talking about that as we get closer, it’s two weeks out. But that’s going to be an exciting weekend out there. We’re going to be out there for about four days. And we’ll have a lot of good content. Don’t forget we will be back tomorrow with games for Friday. So subscribe to the channel This way you’ll be notified and we’re gonna Coast right through the month of March. And then we got NBA and we got baseball starting so it’s gonna be a busy next four or five months and leading into football. Any last comments guys, you want to throw out that


I got one. I you know, I’ve seen it enough. Like we talked about it the other day, guys slow down on the first week of this tournament. I’ve been in Vegas so many years with sports bags, the sportsbooks are packed, you can’t even get in them. They’re standing outside trying to get in and all of a sudden week to empty. Why? Because everyone’s making just losing and chasing and betting all these teams they shouldn’t be betting so slow it down is no rush. This is not to get rich overnight business. 

This is a business to have to enjoy and enjoy these games. And obviously, now make some logical decisions, but slow down. Because these they’re these books are open for one reason and one reason only. They want your money. And most guys don’t know how to control themselves. So all I can advise you is to slow it down guys and wait for the right opportunities and be around for the whole tournament. You got two and a half weeks of this stuff going on. It’s starting tomorrow and it’s going st Patty’s day it started on and it’s running all the way to April 4. So you got a lot of time to make some money. Stay on play smart.


play smart and just keep your wages rising back


and some suntan lotion for this Vegas poolside show you’re doing the attire you got a big production


going on. I hired a personal trainer so I’m trying to get in guys


we’ll see what happened those guns go and Tommy get them.


Yeah, but you know, I appreciate both of you guys coming on board. We’re all going to be busy once again. We will be back tomorrow. If you want all our premium plays just check out our site online sports You want Scott’s premium plays go to his Instagram at SM sports picks P IC Ks. Let’s have a big first day. And we’ll be back tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen. Let’s get them

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