NFL Week 3 Special Betting Props- Le’Veon Bell

NFL Week 3 Special Betting Props- Le’Veon Bell

Every week of the NFL season, BetAnySports online sportsbook gives US players more ways to bet and more ways to win with a full set of betting props for the games. Along with prop bet options for players and teams in conjunction with the action on the field, there are also some betting odds posted for a few special props.

One of the top props for Week 3 has to do with an All-Pro player that has yet to play a down this season despite being perfectly healthy. The stalemate between the Pittsburgh Steelers and running back Le’Veon Bell over a new contract continues into the third week of September with no end in sight. He has been removed from the team’s active roster and with his replacement James Conner has done a pretty good job at filling the void.

The prop bet odds that Bell will play sometime this season favor YES at -430 with the moneyline odds set at +320 that he sits out the entire 2018 season. Given that this impasse has reached an almost no-win situation for either side, I would be tempted to go with a small play on NO since there is no value in betting that he will play this year.

The next prop has posted odds of -185 that he will play for the Steelers in the 2018 season. The odds that his playing days in Pittsburgh are over have been set at +155. I would definitely go with the NO in this prop at much better value. I do believe that the bridge between Steelers’ management and Bell has been burned. He has already turned down a ridiculous amount of money for both a new long-term contract as well as a one-year franchise tag payment of more than $14 million. At this point, Pittsburgh can wait it out and get a compensatory third-round pick if Bell leaves the team next offseason via free agency.

The prop bet odds that Bell is traded before the Oct. 30 deadline favor NO at -155. The odds that he is traded are set at +115. Holding out in light of the money that Bell was offered has damaged his reputation across the entire league. There is no doubt that he is one of the premier running backs in the NFL, but that position does not carry the weight to command the money he is looking for. I am not sure there is a team out there that would be willing to give up what Pittsburgh would want in a trade, while also having to come up what Bell wants to be paid.